Frequently Asked Questions

This page is to answer Frequently Asked Questions, as answered by a highly experienced visa expert with over 25 years experience, from right here in Udon Thani. The “rules” in other parts of Thailand might appear to be different. But they aren’t. The issue in Thailand is that various immigration offices enforce slightly different interpretations of Thai Immigration Law. This causes much consternation among a number of foreigners, often who sole interest if obtaining reliable, actionable information with which to guide them through long stays in country.

We highly recommend you contact Pi Oy DIRECTLY, -even after you’ve read the answers, to be sure you understand and can move forward with confidence in your chosen visa type.

Here is the list of possible Visa Types.

NOTE: It is critical to understand outright Thailand deals with the timing on visas using two separate but related concepts.

1. INITIAL VISA DURATION- How long your visa is good for, before you have to leave the country to go home, or obtain a new one in a Thai Embassy in a neighbouring country. Some even obtain a new visa back in their home country and return soon after.  (PDC Visa Plus) can often help you avoid the need to do that.

2. EXTENSION DURATION – An EXTENSION is NOT a visa. It’s an “Extension of Stay” based on a visa you obtained. For example, -you can “extend” a Tourist Visa by requesting an Extension Of Stay at immigration office in Udon Thani. The most they’ll give is 30 days. Your visa will have expired, but your “Extension of Stay” is valid for 30 days and acceptable form of proof you are allowed to be here. Other forms of visas like the ED Visa, Marriage Visa, Support of Thai Child Visa, and Retirement Visa, all have longer possible “Extension Of Stay options.

It is this “Extension of Stay” that people are referring to when they inaccurately say “I got a 1 year Marriage Visa”. It’s just their way of saying in a simple way how long they get to stay. People say it like this not to confuse others, but because it’s a bit complicated to explain the difference between a “Visa” and an “Extension of Stay”. 90% of the confusion you see in ALL online forums on the subject arises from blurring, obfuscating or otherwise failing to clarify this one critical distinction in terminology.

This can be the case with all information written online. Just because a reader sees text in front of them, doesn’t mean they all interpret it the same way. Therefore, it is wise to speak with Pi Oy directly. The more time you spend going back & forth with “well meaning non-experts” increases the chances you’ll here even more conflicting information. SPEAK WITH THE PROFESSIONALS, PDC Visa Plus, who maintain an impressive collection of connections at every level in Udon Thani.

Here’s the list of possible VISAS:

Tourist Visa ( TR )

Non-Immigrant Visa category “O-A” (Long Stay, 50+)

Non-Immigrant Visa category “O” (Over 50 years old and Retired) [Retirement Visa]
Non-Immigrant Visa category “O” (Spouse/Family) [Supporting a Thai Child, etc.]
Non-Immigrant Visa category “O” (Volunteering Work) [Teaching, etc.]

Non-Immigrant Visa category “B” (Business)
Non-Immigrant Visa category “ED” (Internship)
Non-Immigrant Visa category “ED” (Education / studying)
Non-Immigrant Visa category “RS” (Research)
Non-Immigrant Visa category “M” (Media, filming in Thailand)
Non-Immigrant Visa category “F” (Official)
Non-immigrant Visa category “R” (Buddhism study/Religious function/Missionary purpose)